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Our Story

At the core of every client relationship lies a powerful tool of understanding: the conversation.

That's why the foundation of our approach starts with asking better questions. Great questions transcend the experience by generating better conversations, providing a deeper, more meaningful understanding of client objectives.

Our goal is to offer clients straightforward answers and uncomplicated solutions that lead to smarter, more informed decisions. We believe in empowering clients. We believe clients derive value, and are simply happier, when they can get what they want, when they want it.

The key to delivering on this vision is correctly aligning the resources, both smart people and relevant technologies, to what clients value - much as if we were our client's private family office.

It's our vision to reshape the investment and wealth advisory experience, making it truly centered on each client's specific objectives; aligning our people, processes and some amazing technology toward this goal.

Who we are

We are a tight-knit team with the shared vision of redefining the investment and advisory experience.

We are focused on doing what our clients would do, if they had the time, skills and expertise.

We bring incredible energy, analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to each and every client, driven by exceptional questions, and our desire to see our clients succeed.

As individuals we have amassed years of experience, spanning investment management, wealth advisory and client experience.

As a team we strive to be greater than the sum of our parts, because we ourselves have found that great partners are invaluable to strategic and disciplined decision-making, and the attainment of success.

Our approach

We believe in building strong and enjoyable relationships through shared ambition and real results.

We approach each client's objectives as if they were our own. We believe wealth advisory is more than providing investment advice. It's about standing alongside clients, aligning our counsel and actions with clients' real world objectives; collaborating to unlock latent potential.

Real results are more far-reaching than financial returns. Real results require specific solutions, pragmatism and actionable advice that isn't limited by the boundaries of firm hierarchies or financial markets.

Most importantly, real results, and the means to achieve them, should be both enduring and repeatable.

What we do

Investment Management
Wealth Management
Investment Research
Financial Planning
Risk Management

What to expect

  • Complete transparency
  • Open access to personnel
  • Relevant and actionable advice
  • Proactive and personal communication
  • Client portal & highly-customized reporting

What we do and how we do it

Clients, and their values, are the foundation of our firm.

It was once said, "the customer is the most important part of the production line." We couldn't agree more. It's around clients' needs and goals that Perigon's services and value revolves.

Wealth advisory is multidisciplinary, with the greatest value resulting from a coordinated and engaging approach to delivering comprehensive advice and investment mangement. Our "family office" architecture helps to do just that - tying together the interrelated disciplines and being able to work effectively with a client's other advisors - while our client platform and portal, help us to engage with clients in a more elegant and more meaningful way.

Financial Graph

Wealth is the result of one's relationship with money; how it's earned, accumulated, spent and saved. A client's financial graph depicts these relationships, and similarly, it should guide how their assets are invested. We help clients to better understand their financial relationships in order to inform and coordinate our advice.

Advice in Action

Advice isn't about what's offered, but what is taken - a sense of confidence, of trust, of achievement. It's the sum of clarity, relevance and timeliness. We understand true advice is personal and simple to comprehend because it makes sense for a client's particular circumstances - only then is it truly actionable.

Clear Reporting

Being able to always answer the question, "how am I doing," isn't difficult, but it's not easy either. Emphasizing ease of use and simplicity of design, we leverage some amazing technologies to filter and distill the essence of a client's investments and broader financial graph, aligned to their unique objectives.


We believe that if better decisions are made simpler to make, more people, will make more of them. Achieving simplicity in wealth management is anything but simple, however, from the initial "conversation," to imparting actionable advice and seamless execution, this is our goal, on behalf of our clients.

360° Process

From the initial conversation, and evolving with a client's circumstances, we want to understand who our clients are, and what's important to them, building up to a complete, holistic client view - well beyond investable assets.

We are committed to openness and transparency, seeing both as tantamount to a client's conviction and confidence in the consistency of our ongoing counsel and advice.

Collaboration is integral to an amazing client experience, one built upon trust and confidence, but also a unique process for each client. Collaboration guides what we do on our clients' behalf, enabling our always being able to answer the question, "how am I doing?"

From a client's "financial graph," to our advice and reporting, we constantly strive to ensure clients have access to useful and usable information that is well structured, engaging and meaningful to them.

In any endeavor, defining success and clarity of purpose are cornerstones of achieving success - in financial matters even more so. It's easy to get lost in the daily "noise," losing sight of end-goals. From disciplined investment management and clear organization, we help clients clearly define and monitor their achievements.
Overcoming complexity in financial matters is as important as achieving investment success, and is often a prerequisite. We work with clients to get to what really matters, focusing on delivering substantive value that speaks uniquely to their circumstances.

Investment strategies

We manage multiple individual security portfolios, spanning Large Value to Small Cap Growth, as well as Taxable and Municipal Bonds. Our investment philosophy is grounded in fundamental analysis, and the price-to-value dynamic espoused by the likes of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. Our view toward identifying and realizing investment success, is that it is a function of clear objectives, a consistent process and the long-term efficacy of the market. Toward this end, we focus on the "real" value of the underlying investment, and the ongoing ability to invest capital at high and consistent rates of return.
Many clients experience positive wealth events, which then result in holding a concentrated position. Whether it's a business, property, or the exercise of options, investment concentration has a sizable impact on one's wealth. We have the experience, and know-how, to manage that risk and steward the wealth you've created.
DFA combines insights of Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Markets Hypothesis, with streamlined portfolio operations. The focus of DFA is on taking "advantage of the ways markets are right—the ways they compensate investors." DFA designs portfolios to help investors capture what the market offers in all its dimensions. It is a strategy available to individual investors only through a select group of independent fee based advisors.

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